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Health Has The Upper Hand in “Battlefield: School Lunch”

March 24, 2011

Healthy bodies make healthy minds, and so it makes sense that serving kids junk not only makes their bodies unhealthy, but affects their academic abilities as well. Add to that the alarmingly high (and rising!) obesity rate and the fact that overweight and obese children often become overweight and obese adults, it starts to become clear: something has to change.

In the last year a lot of noise has been made about changing the way children are fed in American schools. First Lady Michelle Obama and organizations across the country have been pushing to reduce the amount of fat, sugar, and salt in the foods schools serve. They are also working to regulate what can be sold from vending machines on school grounds. 

The good news is things do appear to be changing. In a recent New York Times article, Mark Bittman discusses 6 things that are going right with food in America. One of those things is “the edible school lunch.” He cites the federal child-nutrition bill, which was recently reauthorized to regulate school meals and vending machines, as well as a USDA program called “Chefs Move to Schools,” where culinary experts revamp the lunch programs of individual schools. Non-governmental programs have been busy at work too. 

Organizations like Wellness In The Schools (founded by an Integrative Nutrition graduate), have been working in their communities to improve the way children eat and encourage them to learn about cooking and healthy foods.

Do you know what your kids are eating at school? What do you think about the state of food in America?