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Is Watching Television Bad for Your Health?

June 8, 2010

According to a study reported on by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, if you are consuming the foods television advertisements encourage, your health may suffer the consequences.  Marketers are promoting foods that are processed with added sugar, salt, cholesterol, and saturated fat.  The study suggests that these food advertisements are contributors to the obesogenic environment that is related to chronic disease.

The New York Times quoted Michael Mink, the lead author of the study, stating “Just one advertised food item by itself will provide, on average, three times your daily recommended servings of sugar and two and half times your daily recommended servings of fat.  That means one food item could give you three days’ worth of sugar.”

If society is influenced by what the television advertises to them, perhaps this is a wakeup call to better regulate the industry that has the potential to impact our health in such an alarming way.  Where are the local farmer’s market commercials? Or the advertisements promoting organic foods? 

Is it time to cut the cable or change the channel?  What solutions do you propose to this commercial dilemma?