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4 Ways to Use Day Light Savings To Live Healthier

November 5, 2013

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Sunday marked the start of the Daylight Savings Time., which undoubtedly brings up an array of emotions. You gained an extra hour of sleep on Sunday (yay!) but chances are your internal clock (and not to mention the actual clock on the wall) was a little thrown off.  The early dark evenings are also a lot to get used to.   

Now that you have an extra hour in the morning, instead of wasting time surfing the internet or laying in bed, use that time to jump start your health this fall!

Start a new workout routine  

Before you are adjusted to Daylight Savings Time, get yourself in a new gym routine. This is a great time to start training for a race or try out a new class like yoga or CrossFit. Once you start hitting the gym daily, your body will get used to your new schedule and you will start feeling great! Going into the holiday season with a solid workout routine could be just what you need to stay in shape through the New Year.

Start a journal  

Writing for about 20 to 30 minutes each morning is a great way to organize your thoughts and break through mental blocks that could be keeping you from being your happiest, healthiest self. Start off my writing down anything that comes to mind – it could be your dreams from the night before or even just a to do list for the day. Eventually, you will start writing more about your thoughts and feelings. Trust me, you will start looking forward to your daily uninterrupted writing time!

Take the dog for a walk

Since you’re already up, treat your four-legged friend to some extra leash time each morning. It will get you up and moving before you head to work. Since it’s difficult to walk the dog and check your phone, this is also a great time to be completely disconnected from technology and totally connected to your thoughts. Like journaling, this will give you valuable time to work out any issues or problems that are inhibiting you from living your life to the fullest.

Get some added ZZZ’s

There is absolutely no shame in using the extra hour in the morning to sleep! Hopefully, you’ll be going to sleep slightly earlier at night as your body gets used to the time change, so you can count on getting more time to rest and rejuvenate each night. Nothing is better for your health than getting enough rest!