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3 Healthy Habits to Manage Hormone Imbalance

May 2, 2013

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You wake up sweating at 2am, get overly emotional around your cycle, and notice that your periods are not as regular as they have been for the past few months. Symptoms like these are especially common for women in their 40s, but no matter your age, they may be a sign that you’re hormonally imbalanced. But you might wonder: is the imbalance because you’re hitting menopause early, or is it caused by stress?

Of course, you should speak with your health care professional and get tested for imbalances so that you know for sure. Whether you’ve reached “the change” or not, there are certain healthy habits you can adopt to help smooth out your hormonal fluctuations.

IIN guest speaker and author of Accidently Overweight, Dr. Libby Weaver says that many of the changes women experience as they get older can be regulated or even reversed by looking at the whole picture and changing specific habits.

Here are 3 healthy habits that you can adopt:

Clean out the toxins

Your liver is an essential organ for metabolizing nutrients and clearing out toxins, including excess hormones, from your system. When it gets overloaded with toxins from everyday living, it cannot metabolize and excrete excess hormones as efficiently. The result? You may be getting overloaded with excess estrogen that is being recycled through your body.

Keep your body at its peak potential by clearing out any foods that may be suppressing your liver’s functioning. These include: alcohol, caffeine, trans fats, and synthetic substances such as pesticides, medications and skin care made with chemicals.

Choose liver-friendly foods

Add liver-supporting foods to your meals – such as dandelion greens, lemon juice, artichokes, and cruciferous veggies (like broccoli and cabbages.) These foods will help your liver detox itself. Create a cleaner beauty routine and greener home cleaning supplies.

You can also add herbs and supplements that support women’s health to your routine – Omega 3 fatty acids can support your cycle; magnesium is essential for calcium absorption and also helps regulate sleep; Fenugreek tea can sometimes help with hot flashes and bloating.

Chill out

Balance your adrenals by practicing deep breathing exercises, meditating, or taking yoga or tai chi classes. They will help calm your mind and keep your body from pumping out adrenaline, which can contribute to the hormonal imbalances. Clearing the toxins from your diet as instructed above will also help you relax and renew.

Which of these habits do you already include in your routine?