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4 Reasons You Should Sign Up for a Race

February 7, 2013

From a morning jog to completing a marathon, running is a popular sport for a variety of reasons. It’s appealing because besides a good pair of running shoes, you don’t need any fancy equipment or a gym membership.

Runners often claim that running is their “me time,” a way to relieve stress, or even a chance to catch up with friends on a social group run. Of course there are many physical benefits, as well, since a regular exercise regimen keeps your heart healthy, lowers risk of disease, and boosts immunity.

Once you’re comfortable with a basic running routine, you might find yourself interested in participating in a race. While it’s natural to feel intimidated when you’re trying something new, signing up for your first race will give you an exciting boost of self-confidence!

Here are some non-running reasons you should sign up for a race:

There’s no feeling like that of achieving a goal – Race day is about so much more than running a specified distance or having a speedy pace. In fact, many people will choose to walk with friends, or take intermittent walking breaks. Training for a race is a commitment of your time and energy. By race day, you’ll be mentally and physically strong enough to achieve your goal! The sense of accomplishment when crossing the finish line is a reminder that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Races create an incredible sense of community – Races are held all over the world from the largest cities to the smallest towns. A quick Google search will help you find a race calendar near you, or check out this race finder from Runner’s World. Meeting new people gives you a sense of community and runners are a friendly crowd – consider all of those released endorphins!

It's a great opportunity to give back – Most races have an entry fee ranging from $10 - $200, depending on the size and location of the race. Choose a race that supports a cause you’re passionate about, and take pride in your donation. If you aren’t up for running a race, there are always opportunities to volunteer with registration, hydration stations, or handing out medals at the finish line.

Races are a lot of fun – The most important part! Many races have live music throughout the course, and fun events with food and beverages afterward. The race environment is a place to embrace your surroundings, smile, and give thanks for your abundant life. Soak it up and remember that you’re part of a greater cause to spread health and happiness!

Have you ever signed up for a race?