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6 Healthy Habits for Women at Every Age

January 22, 2013

This January we’ve been highlighting the preventative measures a woman can take to protect herself from chronic disease and boost her overall health. Fueling up on nutrient-rich, whole foods like avocados can support female reproductive health and help fight off free radicals, while certain supplements can help ensure that we’re getting essential vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in our diets.

While maintaining a nutrient-rich diet is essential for optimal health, there are even more healthy habits you can adopt to stay feeling great at every age. Some are simple enough that you can easily incorporate them into your daily morning routine!

Here are 6 healthy habits that support women’s health:

Strength Training
Fight muscle loss! Losing muscle not only reduces our strength, but it also slows down our metabolic rate, which leads to weight gain. Strength training is crucial for staying fit and strong! Plus, strength training is an excellent way to increase bone mass and fight osteoporosis, an issue many women face as they age. Try strength or resistance training exercises with handheld weights, exercise bands, or machines to retain and rebuild your muscles for optimal health at every age. It’s easy to make your living room your personal gym!

Integrating acupuncture and Eastern medicine into you heart healthy routine can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, one of the biggest threats to women’s health, by as much as 80 percent! Applying acupuncture needles along certain sites on the wrist, inside the forearm, or in the leg has proven particularly effective in lowering high blood pressure.

Qigong Movement Exercises
Stress, a poor diet, and life imbalances can block the flow of energy to key pathways running through the breast area. Daily repetition of simple energy exercises called Qigong movements can help you take charge of your breast health and keep energy flowing smoothly throughout your body. 

Ayurvedic Skin Brushing
Strengthen your immune system and keep your skin glowing with a simple and traditional technique called dry brushing. This healthy practice can help eliminate toxins from the body and increase circulation of the lymphatic system.  Try adding dry brushing to your self-care routine to improve your health and rejuvenate your skin.

Essential oils are known to have stress-relieving properties that can help alleviate the many different types of health issues a woman may experience in her lifetime. To relieve PMS symptoms, try burning a lavender candle, or soothe a migraine using peppermint oil. Just make sure to contact your doctor for advice on how to start incorporating essential oils into your routine.

Your mind can be a very powerful tool in preventing and healing conditions or illness brought on by stress. Meditation can help you focus your mental imagery on what you want to improve, boosting your mood and enhancing your overall health. 

What healthy habits do you practice for optimal health?