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7 of Our Favorite Things this April

April 17, 2013

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One of the best perks of working at Integrative Nutrition is the recommendations for healthy products that our staff is always sharing. Here are just a few of the things that we love so much this month – we had to share them with all of you!

  1. Tumeric Alive Juice – This revitalizing juice is not only delicious, but also packed full of turmeric, a spice that helps your body fight inflammation and free radicals, which can contribute to aging, heart disease and cancer. Or, if you don’t want to drink your turmeric, try cooking with it or take a daily turmeric supplement for the same benefits.
  2. Skinnyskinny Organic Dry Shampoo – Some days, it’s nearly impossible to find the time to wash, and style your hair, which is exactly why we love this organic dry shampoo from Brooklyn-based company Skinnyskinny! Just sprinkle some on your roots, brush it out and your ready for your day! Even better – the organic, all natural ingredients won’t damage your hair.
  3. Lulu Lemon Power Up Workout Top – This top is perfect for anything from a Soul Cycle class to Hatha yoga . The cut is just form-fitting (but not too tight!) to make you feel and look great, while the fabric breathes enough to get you through 90 minutes of Bikram.
  4. Crazy Sexy Kitchen Cookbook – Kris Carr is quickly becoming a leader in the world of vegan eating. Vegan or not, you will love this cookbook. It’s jam packed with delicious recipes, beautiful pictures and nutritional information and tips from Kris and Chef Chad Sarno. It’s a must read if you are planning any spring barbeques or parties.
  5. The Honest Company Multi-surface Cleaner – It’s spring cleaning time! Clean every corner of your home this season with Honest multi-surface cleaner. It leaves your counters sparkling without the toxic residue that other cleaners have.
  6. Lush Cosmetics Tea Tree Water Toner – This is one that I absolutely swear by! After washing your face in the morning, just spritz on some of this toner before you moisturize. The tea tree oil helps clear out pours and leaves your skin feeling tingly and clean.
  7. Nike Fuel Band – Trying to get in shape for summer? The Nike Fuel Band makes it easy and fun.  The device tracks all of your movements, and rewards you with “fuel points” based on your daily activity, and tracks all of the calories that you burn. Just set a fuel goal for yourself, put it on in the morning and start earning fuel!

What are you loving this month?