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9 Medicinal Teas to Boost Your Well-Being (Hot or Cold!)

July 9, 2013

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The benefits of drinking tea have been well-documented throughout the ages, and tea has been proven to have a variety of healing effects. But despite the popularity of antioxidant-rich black and green teas, it is actually the lesser-known herbal teas that have the most diverse medicinal properties.

Herbal tea, also referred to as “tisane,” can be any combination of herbs, spices, or other plant material brewed into an infusion or decoction. It is generally free of caffeine, and can treat a range of physical ailments.

Like other tea, the herbal type can be consumed hot or cold, and goes deliciously well with a bit of honey and/or lemon.

Here are 9 medicinal teas to boost your health and well-being:

Best known as a sedative, chamomile can help ease an upset stomach, reduce stress and anxiety, and help provide restful sleep. It can also hasten the healing of wounds and boost the immune system. Combining with lavender will enhance these benefits and create a truly delightful experience.

Most helpful in aiding with digestion or alleviating heartburn, peppermint is excellent for anyone who experiences tummy troubles. Due to its refreshing flavor and invigorating aroma, it can also help improve mental clarity and performance.

Red Raspberry Leaf
This herb is a renowned “female tonic” because its combination of nutrients supports pregnancy, fertility, and hormonal balance. It tones the uterus, can relieve symptoms of PMS, and even soothes sunburn or rashes when used externally.

Dandelion root
With its hearty roasted flavor, dandelion root tea could serve as a caffeine-free alternative to black tea or coffee. It also boosts immunity, supports liver and gallbladder health, and purifies the bladder, kidneys, and blood.

Widely used in Chinese medicine, ginseng is a powerful cure-all that can improve digestion, boost libido, alleviate pain, prevent cancer growth, clear blocked sinuses, and healthfully support the body in nearly all of its vital functions!

Nettle Leaf
Rich in minerals and antioxidants, nettle leaf, or stinging nettle, is said to be beneficial for those suffering from anemia, seasonal allergies, or urinary tract infections. As a topical treatment, it can also be used to soothe eczema and psoriasis.

A powerful root used to treat a variety of diseases, ginger not only boosts the immune system due to its high Vitamin C and mineral content, but it also improves circulation, reduces pain and motion sickness, and lowers inflammation.

Most effective for alleviating the symptoms of cold and flu, Echinacea has strong antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal properties that can boost the immune system. So keep that in mind when cold season comes around!

St. John’s Wort
Famous for its anti-depressant activity, St. John’s Wort is excellent for balancing mood swings, enhancing sleep, relieving anxiety and other nervous disorders, and promoting relaxation. It is a powerful herb, so avoid taking it with alcohol, certain medications, or during pregnancy.

Just a word of caution when it comes to using medicinal herbs: not all of them will affect, or benefit, everyone the same way. Be sure to check with your doctor and do your research before using them frequently to treat any condition.  

What is your favorite herbal tea and why do you drink it?