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How to Eat, Drink, and Live Green for St. Patrick’s Day

March 15, 2013

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This Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday dedicated to all things Irish and all things green. This year, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite posts to help you paint the town green in a healthy way!

Eat and Drink Glorious Greens!
If you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day meal for your family and friends, this is the perfect opportunity to amp up the number of nutritious greens on the table!

Serve a hearty kale and lentil stew or a side of Brussels sprouts to warm up your guests after your local St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Or if a lighter lunch is what you’re after, we suggest a hummus and kale wrap. But don’t count out all other green vegetable options! Learn more about the health benefits of your favorite vegetables, and cook up your own delicious recipes.

A green smoothie is the perfect way to get into the healthy holiday spirit. Check out a few of our favorites: Luck o’ the Green Smoothie, Green Lift Smoothie, or pick from one from many included in our list of 47 Smoothies for Summer!

Green-ify your Beauty Routine
Why stop at eating your greens when they can benefit your beauty routine as well? Start your St. Patrick’s Day on a relaxing note - sip a warm cup of green tea while you show your skin some love with a cooling cucumber and aloe vera mask.

For more green ways to pamper yourself this St. Patrick’s Day, try these 5 beauty products you can find in your kitchen or these 4 natural acne remedies you can make at home.

Live Green All Year Long
Going green isn’t just a color – it’s a way of life that benefits your body and the environment! If adding more green to your St. Patrick’s Day was easier, and more enjoyable than you thought, follow these 3 simple steps to having a greener diet all year! You can also try these 60 green tips for plenty of resources about sustainable products and green living.

How are you going green this St. Patrick’s Day?