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International Cures For Your Cold Or Flu

December 19, 2012

If you’re feeling a cold or flu coming on, instead of going to your local pharmacy, try one of the “cures” below suggested by our Facebook community from around the world. From cloves in Kenya to licorice sticks in Denmark, our readers shared homemade medicines said to work miracle! 

European Influenced: Elderberry, Bedside Onions and Neti Pots!

Make a fresh ginger tea. Peel and slice ginger root into small pieces. Boil the ginger for 10-15 minutes and drink with honey.  – 2013 student Chad Paulus, Switzerland

Drink dark elderberry juice, take a hot bath with eucalyptus oil and use a neti pot for sinuses. “They works wonders.” – Angela Koller, Switzerland

At night, cut an onion in half and keep it bedside. – Kris Wiikstra-Westerh, Holland

Asian Fusion: Gogi Berries, Masala Powder and Mustard Seeds!

Cook minced garlic, ginger, nigella seeds and mustard seeds in mustard oil. Take one tablespoon with each meal. “Makes for a speedy recovery!” – 2012 student Sabrina Mohiuddin, Bangladesh

Make a cold-fighting, super-power soup with shitake mushrooms, ginger, gogi berries and garlic! – 2012 student Andrea Saunder, U.K. (with an Asian-inspired remedy)

Make a ginger and garam masala spice soup: Stir fry sliced ginger, garlic and onions, add garam masala powder and then the broth. Bring to a boil and drink when hot. – 2012 student Devshikha Bose, India

South of The Border: Rum, Lime Juice and A Dip In The Sea!

Heat up rum in a metal serving spoon over the stove, then squeeze lemon juice and add a pinch of salt. Drink warm immediately. “I used this on my husband last week. It works great!” – Elegant Edwich, Haiti 

Heat water with lime juice, honey, pepper and drink. – 2012 student Angel Christian Huerta-pilgrim, Mexico

Take a good old dip in the sea. “A good dive in one of our ‘365 beaches’ usually flushes the sinuses and leaves you feeling refreshed and awesome!” – Angel Irie, Antigua

U.S. Inspired: Tea Tree, Hot Mustard Foot Bath and Fire Cider!

Spray tea tree oil in the shower vapors and inhale through the nostrils and mouth. “Works every time.” – 2012 student Denise Malmstrom Eichler, Michigan  

Take a hot mustard footbath passed down from my husband’s 97-year-old grandmother. Recipe: 2 Tbsp mustard powder, dissolve in hot water (as hot as you can handle) and soak your feet for 20 minutes. When done, wrap feet in towel, put on socks and lay in bed for two hours. “It cured them every single time.” – Stanzi Allan Pouthier, New York

Drink Fire Cider! (If you live by Apple Cider Vinegar, take it up a notch with this recipe.) – Kelly Lynn Ferrazzano, New York

What’s your favorite way to fight off a cold?