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Video: David Katz Initiative for Teen Health

June 2, 2012

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David Katz is no stranger to the startling trend of increasing childhood obesity rates. As a prominent researcher in the fields of chronic disease prevention and weight management, he has been a tireless advocate for the promotion of health and wellness among children and adults alike.

Most of us know the cause of obesity is multi-dimensional. Sugary drinks, unhealthy school food options, an onslaught of attractive advertising, and our sedentary lifestyles are just some of the reasons we have come so far and grown so large.

But the Integrative Nutrition community doesn’t play the blame game. We are proactive and solution-oriented. Therefore, we welcome resources that could help us do what we can in our own communities, knowing that we are part of a vast network of individuals who are fighting the good fight in favor of health and happiness for everyone.

That’s one of the reasons we are honored to have David Katz as a nutrition expert in IIN’s curriculum. As the president and founder of the Turn the Tide Foundation, David has created a multitude of free programs for parents and educators who want to integrate health-promoting activities in their daily lives. And we’re proud to share the newest program to help spread awareness with teens and tweens: Vitality Rap, with the first music video 'Unjunk Yourself.'

When kids get together in support of a social issue, they can have profound cultural and political impacts. They just need the tools to help them spread the word. This program will ultimately become a library of music videos that are fun, engaging, and perfect for sharing. We encourage you to share the video, and explore the many free resources available to help you get involved.

Do you think anti-obesity should be the next campaign that teens rally together to promote?