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Wellness Today's 2014 Superfood Showdown: Final Four

April 3, 2014

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Wow, things are really heating up over here in the Wellness Today kitchen as superfoods go flying out of the fridge, across the table, off the shelves, leaving only four formidable superfoods standing. Last time we checked in with our Superfood Showdown, we had narrowed down the field to an Elite Eight contenders. Over the week, you’ve weighed in on our Facebook page to tell us which superfood in each matchup has what it takes to compete in the Final Four.

From the looks of it, what it takes is a whole lot of indisputable, time-tested, diverse health benefits. Since our very first round of 32, there’s been a trend of old stand-by superfoods beating out trendier upstarts like chia seeds, wheatgrass, and amaranth. It’s also interesting to note that each of the four remaining contenders are diverse, both in nutritional value and ways to use them, and relatively well-known, as opposed to earlier contenders like spirulina and teff. It seems like to be a truly SUPERfood, versatility and a trusted name matter.

With no further ado, here are the two nail-biting face-offs you’ll get to vote on this week as we get one step closer to the Championship round of our Superfood Showdown:

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Kale vs. Walnuts

Forget apples to oranges, comparing kale to walnuts is even crazier! Amazingly, despite the vast list of health benefits for each, they manage to only truly share one quality, which is the high presence of antioxidants. Besides that, each has an entirely unique—and entirely impressive—set of nutrients. Walnuts dazzle with their omega-3’s, fiber, protein, b-vitamins, and sleep-promoting melatonin, along with their ties to fighting cancer and boosting longevity. But kale’s nothing to sniff at either, packing iron, calcium, and vitamins K, A, and C, as well as anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering, and detoxifying properties. We’d like to just say, “I’ll have a kale salad with walnuts, please!” But there can only emerge one victorious superfood from this matchup. Who’s your pick?

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Quinoa vs. Cinnamon

While the notion of a warm and nutty cinnamon quinoa bowl may sound delish, this is not the time for the two superfoods to play nice. No, in this battle of differently—but pretty evenly—matched nutritional powerhouses, both the versatile spice and the potent grain will be pulling out all the stops. Cinnamon can point to its ability to support weight loss and blood circulation, help with candida yeast infections, reduce bad cholesterol and pain associated with arthritis, and even fight cancer(!), while quinoa is a veritable who’s who of the nutrient world. It’s got vitamin B6, thiamin, niacin, potassium, riboflavin, zinc, magnesium, and folate, not to mention the fact that it’s packed with both protein and fiber. Both superfoods have healthy antioxidants and can claim to help control blood sugar levels and promote healthy digestion. There’s no sure bet for who will take the lead and move onto the final round—this is definitely one to watch!

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Who do you think should win? Tell us in the comments and be sure to check our Facebook page tomorrow to cast your vote in the Final Four matchups. Remember to share with your friends to help support your pick!