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4 Workouts Your Entire Family Can Enjoy

November 27, 2013

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Finding a way to get the family moving is especially important this time of year, when the weather is cold and big meals are the main attraction. And you know what they say - the family that works out together, stays together! Or something like that.

So even if your family isn’t likely to lace up their running shoes and head to the gym, there are still a lot of enjoyable workouts you can do together. Try some of these activities that will have everyone up and moving and having fun this holiday season!  

Put together a family scavenger hunt What’s more fun than staging a light competition between family members? Round up the kids and head to the zoo or park and divide the group into teams – boys against girls is always fun! Give each team a list and instruct them to spend the next few hours snapping a picture of everything on the list. The winning team gets to pick the next scavenger hunt location. Ready, set, go!

Invest in a Wii

It can be hard to convince your family to go outside when the weather is cold. Instead of a movie marathon with endless popcorn, invest in an active video game system like Wii. It’s fun and will have everyone working out without having to leave the house. If you would rather turn off the TV, play an active game like Twister or a spirited game of hide and seek.

Sign up for the Jingle Bell 5k

A lot of cities have fun, short, and kid-friendly races around the holidays, like the Jingle Bell 5k. Get the whole family dressed up in reindeer antlers and elf hats and head out for a fun jog. If running isn’t your thing or if your kids are too young, you can always bundle up and walk the race. As long as you’re all together and dressed up, the race will be tons of fun for the entire gang.

Yoga for kids

In New York City, there is several family-friendly yoga studios like Karma Kids Yoga that get the whole family involved in a stress-eliminating workout. If you’re not in NYC, check to see if there are any studios in your area or host your own yoga classes at home! Start out with just 15 minutes of yoga and work your way up to longer sessions. Chances are your kids will love the animal-named poses and you will love the relaxing break from holiday stress! 

Does your family have any fun and active holiday traditions?