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11 Tips for a Healthy School Year

September 14, 2013

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I remember the first week of a new school year. No homework had been assigned yet and it was still light out in the evening, so that meant extended backyard activities and dinner at a friend’s house or ice cream outings.

Now that it’s been a couple weeks, class is officially in session and the initial excitement of a new school year has just about passed. It’s time to get down to business, and for many college students or parents of school-aged kids, that means finding a healthy routine to stick to.

We asked several nutrition experts and healthy tweeters to share their top tips for creating a healthy routine now that school’s back in session. Whether you’re settling in to a new life at college and want to stay healthy, or a parent preparing breakfast for your kids before they head out to the bus, here are some great tips for a nutritious school year!

@LeanGrnBeanBlog: Start every day with a healthy, balanced breakfast and have an after school snack that includes a protein source!

@PLLHealthBlog: I think the MOST important thing is to pack lunch, not buy!!

@Tina_Ruggiero: Re-invent sandwiches w/different breads. Try English Muffins, ciabatta, tortillas, Italian, French and raisin-cinnamon.

@CaraAValenti- Tip: greens how you can. Baked kale chips, and spinach in smoothies. A squiggly straw makes for happy sipping.

@NationalKaleDay: Pack kale salad, get 100-300% more nutrition compared to lettuce. Kale is one of the few veggies that's high in protein.

@TheFamilyPlate: Pack your lunches the night before so in mornings you just grab and go!

@CatherineLoftus: Make green smoothies in advance, quick and easy to grab. Never leave w/o a snack so you're not tempted by vending machines.

@TornRanch: Packing a protein-rich snack like trail mix keeps kids happy and healthy all day long.

@thrivemanhasset: Help kids feel empowered to make healthy food choices by getting them involved in lunch box & snack prep

@AspenHealth: Walk or ride a bike whenever possible!

@annalisamarie: Make time in the morning to get 20 minutes of exercise in! Do some squats/sit ups/pushups or go for a quick jog!

Do you have a tip for creating a healthy routine during the school year?