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The Benefit of Morning Meditation

December 9, 2013
Michelle Renee

I woke up yesterday morning and for some reason I felt an urge to sit on the side of my bed and immediately began to meditate and pray. I usually go into the living room, relax with a cup of my homemade tea or some coffee, and ease into my day with my meditation and prayer practice. But yesterday I felt I had to begin immediately after waking up.

I sat and at first I just listened. I focused on my breath and listened to the inner whisper that told me today someone unexpected would need me to be there for them, to coach them, inspire them to heal and be resilient. The mantra that came from my lips was this: Universal God, be the words that I speak today. Help me in all that I do radiate kindness from my core. Help me to listen without judgement and guide me as I touch others lives and inspire resiliency.

I then went about my day thinking nothing of it until I received a message from a friend, and someone definitely unexpected. I listened to his pain and did not judge as he poured out to me his unhealthy way of coping with it. I spoke only when I was guided to say what I felt in my own resilient soul he was supposed to hear to help him rediscover his own resilient spirit again. I told him he must know for sure he has worked through the pain of betrayal in a healthy way before getting involved with anyone else and if he does not the next person will unfairly pay the price for his ex's lack of integrity -- a negative, destructive cycle so many people perpetuate unconsciously.

At the end of our exchange he said to me that he has never laid his heavy "stuff" at the feet of a woman. He said he knew he could trust me with it all and thanked me. He said to me that to many I am a savior goddess and put here to soothe others souls. Those are incredibly humbling words to hear.

Coaching people, teaching them and inspiring them to live a resilient life or helping them to realize they have a resilient heart, isn't anything you get a degree in, at least not in the traditional sense. In my case I believe it is a role God has been preparing me for over lifetimes. It is an experiential degree that I hold after surviving so much pain, abuse, violence, and agonizing struggles in my life. I stop, listen, pray, and meditate often in order to remain clear on my purpose in this lifetime. That leads me to not only listen to others, soothe souls, but also listen to my highest self, my guide, my universal adviser when that soft yet powerful whisper says stop right now so that I may prepare you for what I know will be asked of you today.

What are you being prepared for today? To find out be sure to stop, listen, pray, and mediate.