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What Modern Success Looks Like (and How to Get It)

February 14, 2014

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A lot has been written recently on the new model for a successful professional life. Long gone are the days when people got on one career track and stuck with it, from graduation to retirement, putting in the hours and climbing the ranks. Today, it’s far more common for people to have several jobs at once, or move from venture to venture—they’re yoga teachers/freelance writers, or marketing consultants/daycare owners, personal chef/office managers.

Sure, part of this shift has to do with an unstable economy and uncertain retirement funds, but I think more has to do with a newfound appreciation for self-actualization. That is, a job should be part of what fulfills you and allows you to live your unique life as fully as possible. And since most of us have several passions, that means we might pursue various roles to explore these different aspects of our personality. Thanks to Marie Forleo, there’s now a word for us: “Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs.” Has a ring to it, no?

Marie is a life coach, bestselling author, and fitness instructor. Oprah called her a “thought leader for the next generation,” and she was named one of Tony Robbins’ “New Money Masters.” Her mission is to make her kind of success—she now runs a multimillion dollar empire—accessible to everyone. The best way to get a sense of what that means is to see for yourself by checking out some free business training videos from Marie.

I was struck by her vision, where people would be able to do what they love, on their own schedule, while having a positive impact on the world and generating enough income to be financially secure. It’s all built on the idea that being rich encompasses unlocking your spiritual potential, fostering health and happiness, and contributing to the world, as well as making money.

In the changing business landscape, achieving this is at once easier than ever—with the Internet, you have a potential client base of billions at your fingertips—but also more difficult—with the Internet, billions of people are also trying to tap into this client base. For Marie, the secret to success lies in one work: marketing.

B-School, Marie’s 8-week online business training program, endeavors to help you master that skill. It teaches marketing with integrity, which should be a natural byproduct of her advice that you incorporate your whole self into your work life (remember that Multi-Passionate part?). The program is meant for people pursuing any dream, whether they want to make products like clothing or provide a service like Health Coaching, on both local and global scales.

For people who don’t feel that the goals of B-School are achievable for them, Marie offers her own story as inspiration: she’s a New Jersey-born gal with no MBA or technical background, who was deep in debt when she began building her business. Her message is clear: If I can do it, so can you.

What’s stopping you from following your dreams today? Share in the comments below.