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You May be Eligible for Grant Money

November 23, 2009

Were you laid off by a financial institution in the New York City area? You may be eligible for a National Emergency Grant (NEG). Individuals displaced from their position after May 31, 2008 can qualify for a grant up to $12,500 worth of career training. The Federal NEG program is designed to help the former employees of 31 financial service businesses who were dislocated as a result of the mass layoffs in 2008. If you are an out-of-work financial professional living in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, you may qualify for funds that would pay for your training at Integrative Nutrition!

How do you receive this Grant?

  • Visit the State Department of Labor to see if you are eligible
  • Contact your local, state employment office to obtain the necessary NEG paperwork

This is a time sensitive program and National Emergency Grant funds will run out when they've been awarded. Certification must be completed by December, 2010.  If you were in the financial industry and are ready to make a career change, please follow up and contact Integrative Nutrition for admissions advice (877) 730-5444.

Good Luck!